Podcast: Mad Juana

By Yvonne Zusel

Eastern European-gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello might think they have the market cornered on the gypsy-punk genre. But mustachioed frontman Eugene Hutz & Co. had better think again. New York-based Mad Juana have taken Bordello's formula and put their own twist on it, led by sultry blues-voiced lead singer Karmen Guy and her husband, ex-Hanoi Rocks and current New York Dolls bassist Sami Yaffa. The band draws on jazz and flamenco influences to create their unique sound, which seems like it would lend itself to kick-ass live shows.

The Valley will get the opportunity to find out for itself when Mad Juana makes a stop at the Rogue in Scottsdale on Sept. 6, touring behind their recently released album "Bruja on the Corner."

Because we at Up on the Sun are a bunch of nice guys (we swear) here are not one but two tracks from Mad Juana: "Valhalla" and "Domingo."

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Jonathan McNamara