Polyphonic Spree and Five Other Bands That Could Be Cults

I was on the fence about seeing Polyphonic Spree, the pysch pop, one-time MTV 2 darlings, this week at Crescent Ballroom, so I sat myself down to watch some videos in preparation.

The band is entirely clad in white choir robes, and the of members grows from twelve to thirty depending on the night. Each of them also seems to be poisoned with happiness, as they bounce with their hands to the sky. The band's front man, Tim DeLaughter can be seen in the foreground of all of the shows with his white choir-robe on, bouncing up and down, like some stoned Jesus.

"He's got some energy," I thought to myself as I sipped my Kool-Aid, and continued to do my research.

The piccolo and the violin, present in all of the recordings, got my head moving from side to side and suddenly, I was forced into a euphoric mood. That music made me happy.

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Blake Moscatello