Punk Rock Bowling - Turbonegro, Bad Religion, and More - Punk Rock Bowling - 5/26/2013

Punk Rock Bowling, Day Two (view the full slideshow) Bad Religion, Turbonegro, Lagwagon, and Bouncing Souls Sunday, May 26

The second day of Punk Rock Bowling was full of some of the biggest names in punk, representing the past and present members of Epitaph and Fat Wreck Records like a meeting of mafia families.

The bowling tournament ended just in time for Bouncing Souls, which was ideal for the punk-loving crowd. The other demographic was easy to spot -- Turbonegro fans.

These folks, otherwise known as the Turbojugend, came to party. They were easy to spot, as most wore denim jackets plastered in patches and an assortment of nautical hats. Their outfits paled in comparison to the band's get-up, which could be Norway's glam punk answer to the Village People.

Turbonegro may as well have been Saturday's headliner, because the Turbojugend dominated the crowd all night with their nonstop energy. Opening with "The Age of Pamparius," Turbonegro put on an over-the-top show complete with ass-slapping and encouraging fans to sing along.

As soon as fans recognized the opening beat of "I Got Erection," the crowd clapped along and repeated the song title over and over again. This delighted Turbonegro's new singer, Tony Sylvester, who described the scene as something "biblical, like Sodom and Gomorrah."

Over the course of Punk Rock Bowling's 15-year run, Bad Religion had never performed at the festival. The band has been going strong for over twice that long, so, really, it was only a matter of time. The band's set was fairly similar to what they performed at That Damn Show a couple months ago, but it was nice to see them again surrounded by fans that adore the band.

Bad Religion's set was dominated by hits from its golden era of music -- albums like Suffer, No Control, Generator, and Against the Grain. The crowd's first shining sing-along moment came during "I Wanna Conquer the World," and continued through "21st Century Digital Boy" as Fat Mike of NOFX and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes sauntered on stage and sang a chorus with Greg Graffin.

Lagwagon also played an all-hits set, getting the audience involved early on with songs like "Violins" and "After You My Friend," which included a fun dance breakdown with electric guitar.

The band looked ecstatic to be on stage, as the bassist and two guitarists continually jumped and struck rock 'n' roll poses at each other. At one point, frontman Joey Cape did jumping jacks and used his microphone cord to jump rope. He introduced "May 16" as the band's "big hit" thanks to its appearance in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and sure enough, it was one of the group's best received songs.

Lagwagon picked a surprising song to close with -- a cover of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades," complete with Cape lowering his voice to sing.

The punk nostalgia continued with Bouncing Souls, who were beckoned to the stage with the crowd's "ole" and "here we go" chants.

"Argyle," "Here We Go," and "Say Anything" were played rapid fire without any sort of breather, prompting fans to open up the circle pit and stir up a dust cloud. The energy continued through "ECFU!" and slowed down a little during the band's only new song, "Comet."

After performing fan favorites such as "Lean on Sheena," "True Believers," and "Kate is Gr8," Bouncing Souls closed its set out with "Hopeless Romantic." Before playing the song, Greg Attonito brought a piñata on stage. Midway through the song, he crowd surfed with the piñata, which was ripped apart instantly.

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Bouncing Souls Setlist: Argyle Here We Go Say Anything Punks in Vegas Kids and Heroes The Ballad of Johnny X That Song ECFU Comet Sing Along Forever Manthem Lean on Sheena True Believers Kate is Gr8 Hopeless Romantic

Lagwagon Setlist: Island of Shame Violins Lazy Weak After You My Friend Sleep Mr. Coffee Sick Give it Back Coffee and Cigarettes May 16th Ace of Spades Bad Religion Setlist: Past is Dead We're Only Gonna Die The World Might End Tonight True North Anesthesia Generator I Wanna Conquer the World 21st Century Digital Boy Sinister Rouge Fuck You Dharma and the Bomb Recipe for Hate Nothing to Dismay You Do What You Want No Direction Beyond Electric Dreams Submission Complete Robin Hood in Reverse American Jesus Sorrow Fuck Armageddon (This is Hell) Vanity Dept. of False Hope

Critic's Notebook: Last Night: Bad Religion, Turbonegro, Lagwagon, and Bouncing Souls at Punk Rock Bowling. Personal Bias: I still know most of the words to all songs by Bad Religion/Bouncing Souls/Lagwagon written up to 2002 or so. The Crowd: Hedonistic. Random Notebook Dump: Follow the Turbojugend to find the best after-party. One More Thing: Even though this was my favorite day of Punk Rock Bowling, I barely mustered up the energy for the 7 Seconds/TSOL/Angry Samoans after-show. All three bands were great, but if I hadn't purchased a ticket ahead of time, I probably would have skipped the show.

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