Club Candids

Puttin' On the Urban Ritz

After a few weeks of hanging with crowds of casual kids, Club Candids needed to spice it up with something slightly more sophisticated, like Club io's Million Dollar Mingle on Saturday, December 23. The patrons were polished, stylish and mackin' like mad. This VIP night may be a weekly gig, but people pack the place like it's a special event. There was hardly room to move on the dance floor, let alone take camera shots, so we stayed mostly in the lounge where there was plenty of action and gorgeous fashion to satisfy our hunger for visual delicacies.

Located on the second level in the Biltmore Fashion Park, io was thumping with hip-hop beats, transforming a daytime vista of conventional consumerism into a nightlife scene full of drinks and dancing. The gents were dapper and the ladies silken, so hookups happened left and right — everyone looked damn fine. To spread some holiday cheer, photographers were on hand to snap some sexy shots of guests with Christmas vixens, dressed in festive bustiers and super-tight pants. With short-skirted mamas constantly running up the stairs, the eye candy was ravishingly rampant.

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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi