Stoner Rock

Q&A: Stoner Rock Overlords Fu Manchu

"Stoner rock" has yet to gain entry in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, but few bands define the genre better than Fu Manchu. Yet, like so many genres, the name hardly fits the sound. Pink Floyd is stoner rock, while Fu Manchu storms in all heavy, sludgy, psychedelic and fuzzy with plenty of searing guitar riffs and a propulsive bottom end. That's been more enough to keep the band going for over two decades. Fu Manchu's latest album, Giagantoid, comes out next week (June 3), and it's what guitarist Bob Balch presently calls "my favorite."

Up on the Sun caught up with Balch in cyberspace (he was in Canada, but his phone wouldn't work properly), to discuss the making Gigantoid and its place in Fu history, being in a band he listened to in high school, and why bassist Brad Davis no longer skateboards.

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Glenn BurnSilver
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