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Real Estate Set to Play Pre-Thanksgiving at Modified

Real Estate will be gracing the small, often aurally-challenged staged at Modified on Wednesday, November 25. For those keeping track, that is the day before Thanksgiving, a night notorious for heavy drinking due to either: a) having to spend the whole next day with extended family or b) the fact that most places of business are closed the next day. There's a rock solid reason to attend Real Estate's set if I've ever heard one.

The band's eponymous debut album will be released November 17, just in time for the band to roll through Phoenix. Early listens to tracks from Real Estate show how polished and toned down the band's sound really is. The album opener "Beach Comber" opens with jangly guitars, giving way to lead singer Martin Courtney's airy, not-quite-super-whiny vocals. The majority of the album is toned down, providing a serene landscape of sound that evokes sunny days spent at the Jersey shore or perhaps in one's backyard, soaking in everything New Jersey. "Black Lake" and "Green River" round out the aquatic themed songs, both solid offerings of slowed, persistently calm indie rock.

The band's sound will be perfect for the less-than-stellar sound at Modified Arts. They aren't going to overwhelm the soundboard like a Starfucker/PYRAMID type would, so come revel in the band's steadfastly popular sound for the evening. 

Check out Select Shows' MySpace at for more information on the show.

Real Estate's MySpace can be found at
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Michael Lopez