Scottsdale's The Buzz Shuts Down

Scottsdale's The Buzz Shuts Down

Say bye-bye to The Buzz.

We've learned that the long-running north Scottsdale nightclub shut down this past weekend after more than a decade in operation. Despite the fact we heard a few of their advertisements on Power 98.3 FM and 101.5 Jamz on Saturday evening, the same night the place held its last hurrah. Since opening back in 1996, The Buzz provided an option for underage kids to dance to hip-hop and Top 40 on the weekends when other joints would turn them away. 

What the reasons behind the, uh, buzz kill? Based on what's being reported, it was likely due to the fact that East Valley spots like Myst, Cherry Lounge, and Afterlife have cashed in on the barely market by offering 18-and-over nights of their own. 

Guess DJ Mikee Mike, who's served as one of the Buzz's residents for years, will have to find something else to do with his Saturday night. 


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