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Take Cover: Fate of the Galaxies Cover The Cure

The Cure is a difficult band to cover. Purists will balk at anyone that can't sing like Robert Smith, but playing Cure songs with your own style is usually a bad idea (just look at what 311 did to "Love Song").

"There's no reason to tweak a Cure song. You can accent maybe, but there's no reason to turn a Cure song into a 311 song, or a Cure song into a Fate of the Galaxies song. Cure is Cure, plain and simple," says Fate of the Galaxies bassist, Jay Maynard.

The band has been wanting to do a series of Cure covers because it is a natural fit for their goth/synth sound.

"The Cure's one of those bands. Once I heard them, they changed it for me from just, 'Oh there's some cool dudes on the stage playing music' to 'These songs are almost alive. They have their own feelings, it makes you extract emotion and just listen to people play,'" says vocalist Mandel Moreno.

The Cure complements Fate of the Galaxies so well that the group plans on playing some more covers at a free show on Friday, March 2 at Conspire.

We visited Fate of the Galaxies' practice space-- a place dark and spooky enough to attract the likes of Smith himself-- to hear the band's take on "Prayers for Rain." Check it out after the jump.

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