The 25 Best Club Candids Photos of August

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There were a lot of things both shiny and new making a debut in local nightlife during the month of August. Spots like The King or Cowboys and Whiskey in Scottsdale opened to the clubgoing public while a few new dance nights (such as Motown on Mondays at the Crescent Ballroom) kicked things off in grand fashion.

Plus, American Junkie in Scottsdale unveiled its fresh look following taking a brief hiatus from the scene that boasts an urban art vibe and welcomed back the many college students who returned to the Valley for the new school year.

Club Candids was at many of these places to check out all the newness and nabbed a lot of photographs along the way, including all of our favorite pics of August. And clubgoers certainly didn't disappoint when we asked for a moment or two of their time as they posed, frolicked, mugged, or just flat out acted up while our shutters clicked.

Bottled Blonde in Scottsdale

The outdoor patio at Scottsdale brew spot and pizzeria Bottled Blonde tends to be quite rowdy on a Sunday evening, even though its sort of an off night as far as nightlife options go. Maybe that's one of the reasons why co-eds and college-aged types flock here on a school night to get in a nightcap on a school night or to spend the waning moments of their weekend in style.

Then again, it could be because of the libations or the lively social scene. The Club Candids crew really didn't get a chance to quiz too many of Bottled Blonde's patrons on the matter when we stopped by on Sunday, August 3, since we were way too busy grabbing snapshot of all the wild times or having a snifter or two ourselves.

Party of five.

Smiles for miles.

Nice hat.


Just to prove we're not pigs or anything here's some boy-on-girl action as well.

The King in Scottsdale

Distractions of the high-tech and lo-fi persuasion are the name of the game at new Scottsdale joint The King, as the barcade spot is stocked with both joystick-operated classics like Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, and Operation Wolf, as well as board games like Scrabble and a few Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots (remember those?). The King's patrons made use of all these playthings and had a blast while doing so when Club Candids dropped by and dropped in a few quarters on Saturday, August 9.

What's a little Scrabble between friends?

The game's afoot.

They've got the biggest balls in the place.

Um...because what?

Getting their game on.

Motown on Mondays at Crescent Ballroom

After proving to be a big hit in cities such as San Francisco, L.A., Chicago, and Seattle, the ultra-popular Motown on Mondays night finally has a home in Phoenix. Local turntablist Tricky T teamed with artists/nightlife impresarios Dumperfoo and Quincy Ross to bring the "spirited soul party with a unique vibration" at the Crescent Ballroom's swank lounge, where DJs spin remixes of classic soul, funk, and Motown joints every week for local music fans. Club Candids hit up the night on Monday, August 18, and hung out while soaking up some of the sounds laid down by cats like Organic and Pickster One.

Now that's what we like to see in a Club Candids photograph.

Pickster One in the mix.

Cuter than a pair of baby pandas.

Too cool for the room.

This is what stylish looks like.

American Junkie's Grand Reopening

After more than five years in operations, the proprietors of American Junkie in Scottsdale decided to give the bar and nightspot an entirely new groove. As such, they gave it an expansive makeover over the summer that included urban art murals around and above its two bars, a roomier layout, different games and distractions out on the patio, and many new-fangled HDTVs that broadcast sports action during the day and music video mixes at night.

We eagerly scoped out the scene at the soft opening of the new "Junkie 2.0" on Saturday, August 23, and were greeted with all manner of nightlife hijinks, including drinking, dancing, and even some fire-breathing bartenders. No fooling.

Taking the new Wheel of Booze for a spin.

Goodness gracious...

Surveying the scene from atop the main bar.

The "K" makes it kool.

Having some sweaty fun at Junkie 2.0.

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