The Black Moods: "The Cover Band Thing Is Almost Like An Epidemic"

Somewhere outside of Phoenix, in the blistering desert, towering rock and roll legends of the past buried a time capsule containing the key to a long lost sound. Through perseverance, talent and brilliance, The Black Moods from Tempe, AZ seem to have uncovered that capsule and tapped into the secrets of stripped down, in-your-face rock and roll excellence.

Coming off their self-titled debut album, The Black Moods--Joshua Kennedy on guitar and vocals, Ryan Prier on bass and backing vocals, and Danny "Chico" Diaz on drums--are proving their worth to the musical community by injecting their style into the vein of rock and roll. Their influences are clear, from their groovy logo, Kennedy's Robert Plant-esque hairdo, their name--derived from the legend of Jim Morrison--and their infectious guitar work and catching lyrics.

Up on the Sun was able to step inside the mind of singer Kennedy before The Black Moods perform this Saturday at Rockbar in Old Town Scottsdale to get his perspective on the local music scene in Phoenix, his ultimate guitar god, and the story of The Black Moods.

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