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The Hills Paved the Way for Lady Gaga, The Script, and More

Call it vapid, call it superficial, call it genius: whatever you think of MTV "reality" show The Hills, the program's managed to make its mark on the music scene. Thanks to star Audrina Patridge's cushy "job" at Epic Records, as well as castmates Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port's work at Teen Vogue and People's Revolution, lots of both high-profile and upcoming artists made their way onto the show. Here's a look back at 10 musicians who have been featured on The Hills, in honor of the -- tear -- series finale tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Lady Gaga

In what was her second MTV appearance ever (the first was on the show Boiling Points), Gagaloo had a zipper crisis before a nightclub show. She and her cat suit end up making it onstage thanks to Lauren's magic touch, as she fixed the zipper.

Ryan Cabrera

He may be a bit of a has-been, but that didn't stop Audrina from dating Ryan Cabrera, who was her only serious boyfriend on the show (Justin "Bobby" Brescia doesn't count.) As she watched him at one of his concerts, Audrina broke down in tears because she realized their relationship just isn't what it used to be -- just like his career.


And speaking of Justin Bobby, Audrina's on-again, off-again fling, he played drums shirtless with his rock band EdstanleY as a surprised Audrina and friends watched on. The music wasn't that great, but at least they can say their drummer is ripped.

The Script

Before Irish pop band The Script had a Top 40 hit with the song "Breakeven," they performed it at a showcase Audrina helped coordinate. And, no surprise, the lyrics, "I'm falling to pieces" were the perfect background music to how Audrina felt about Justin.

Sean Kingston

After she helped organize his performance of his hit "Beautiful Girls" on a late-night talk show, Sean Kingston unsuccessfully tried to woo Audrina by sending her flowers. He was cute, but also a little desperate.

The White Tie Affair

Electro-pop band The White Tie Affair made a couple appearances on the show, first with a live performance at a showcase, then during filming of a music video. The band even got involved in some drama when a couple members went on a double date gone bad with Audrina and Stephanie Pratt.

Alkaline Trio

Audrina seemed to dig punk band Alkaline Trio when she supervised some of their recording time, but Lauren and Lo Bosworth bailed quickly after they stopped by to check out a track. The band seemed oblivious to what was going on -- the members just focused on playing.


Before she got her own reality show on VH1, Brandy appeared on The Hills in another behind-the-scenes-in-the-studio look at her recording of the song "Long Distance" with producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. Audrina also assisted her in choosing photos from a shoot, but the excitement of working with Brandy wasn't enough to keep Audrina from stepping out to have a chat with Justin Bobby.

The Ruse

After checking out alternative indie band The Ruse for Epic Records with Justin, one of the band's members hit on Audrina. She wasn't easily swayed, though -- she left with the rocker of her choice, Justin. The band is still unsigned.


Sweet pop band Vedera managed to provide yet another perfect song for The Hills soundtrack with their performance of "Satisfy" on the show. As singer Kristen May belted, "Is there anything left in this world that will satisfy me?" viewers got wistful shots of a heartbroken Audrina, mourning the loss of Justin to Kristin Cavallari. Even if The Hills wasn't focused all on music, at least the show featured artists whose songs fit well with the scenes.
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