Numbers getting down at The Rewind at Lost Leaf.
Numbers getting down at The Rewind at Lost Leaf.
Anthony Sandoval

The Rewind, Lost Leaf, 8/7/12

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Well, I felt sheepish Tuesday night.

When Phoenix rapper I.P. (from local hip-hop duo Numbers) sent me a heads-up about a Tuesday-night show going on at The Lost Leaf, I figured a few loyal followers would make their way out to the Roosevelt Row favorite, but I didn't expect to find a full-on dance party. That's not a knock on the music, it's just that . . . it was a Tuesday.

Turns out the bar is hosting a semi-new weekly hip-hop night called The Rewind, where resident DJs Fresh 85, Mane One, Kris the Fist, and Matthias James keep the beats bumping with old-school hip-hop tracks, Prince cuts, and other timeless gems like En Vogue's "My Lovin'."

Last night's event featured guests DJ Cre One, Numbers, and MC Dan Smack, as friends gathered for a going-away party for local artist/dancer Joseph "Sentrock" Perez, who is headed to Chi-Town for art school.

"I specifically asked for these guys," Perez says before the start of Numbers' set.

Beatmaker Izzy manned a drum set, while I.P. ripped into verses, pumping up an already lively crowd. The duo knocked out only four tracks for a short but sweet 12-minute set. I caught up with the pair afterwards to find out about any pre-show rituals they have.

"Just smoke," I.P. says.

"I'm viceless," Izzy says. "That's on record."

"I don't care, I smoke kush," I.P. says laughing.

The two are continuing their push to spread their sound while I.P. is working on his first solo project in years. Expect a new single out on his birthday, September 24.

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