The Serene Dominic Show: Crashdïet

Part 1: Crashdïet LIVE at the Waffle House

America is ready for Crashdïet!

That's right, we've got Sweden's prime exporters of "sleaze hard rock" in their first American vidcast appearance. Makes ol' Serene Dominic feel a bit like Ed Sullivan to be able to introduce to you for the first time Simon, Martin, Eric, and Peter (Sorry, girls, he's married to a former Miss Sweden!). And what better place to start a relationship with Crashdïet than at Waffle House, stumbling distance from Club Red, where these skeezy Scandinavians made their Arizona debut. In this cinema verité segment (with subtitles whenever the clatter of waffles and syrup canisters gets too loud), we learn what the band's likes, loves, and menu orders are as they enter their 168th hour in America (yes, we did the math!). Also, a no-frills Road Booty ™ with no highfalutin graphics, announcer's voice, or syrupy music to distract from your Crashdïet Waffle House experience.

Part 2: Crashdïet LIVE at Naked Dave's Music

Sweden's newest hitmakers makes their acoustic debut in Arizona at Naked Dave's Music store performing "It's A Miracle" from the band's 2005 debut album, Rest in Sleaze. Incidentally, despite the retail surroundings, no one in Crashdïet was even tempted to play the "May I Help You " riff.

Part 3: Crashdïet Lightning Round™

Just how sleazy are Crashdïet anyway? Sleazy enough to meet Serene Dominic in an alley behind Naked Dave's for a fast-paced Lightning Round, which hits a speed bump midway through when Serene stops to make sure that Crashdïet's new lead singer, Simon Cruz, isn't disappointed that he didn't witness or take part in a rock star brawl at Waffle House. Will Simon choose "Candyland" over "Sorglig?" World wars have been fought over less!

Our sincere thanks to Waffle House and Naked Dave's Music for allowing our cameras to go beyond the usual limits of Swedish glam rock fan worship!

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