Top 5 Concerts in Metro Phoenix This Week

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If you happen to be suffering from a bad case of "Post-Coachella Depression" after spending one, or even two, weekends out in Indio, we've got a few suggestions on how to recover. First, give yourself a day or two to get your bearings back and decompress from the experience. Secondly, consider attending one of the many great concerts taking place around Metro Phoenix in the coming days, many of which feature Coachella artists.

While we understand said performances may not be as grand as the ones you witnessed during that epic, three-day party you attended out on the polo grounds, it might help lessen the doldrums and remind you that not only does life go on, but also that there's only about 51 weeks to go until Coachella 2015.

Chvrches - Today - Marquee Theatre

There's something in Chvrches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry's voice -- the way it floats just above the bass and synthesizers, its so-slight-you'll-almost-miss-it Scottish lilt -- that makes it always a little disarming when she drops an F-bomb. "So easy I bleed out / What the fuck were you thinking? / We are gonna fall if you lead us," she sings on 2013's The Bones of What You Believe standout "We Sink."

It's not that she sounds saccharine or "poppy" or any other dismissive adjective you'd care to throw at her, but the profanity tends to catch the listener off guard. And though it's easy to make too much of a curse word in a song, it somehow seems fitting for Chvrches in the way it suggests there's something more sinister -- more jagged or dark or uncomfortable -- behind these songs that are so easy to move to. The hooks are sharp enough to draw blood, maybe. -- Derek Askey

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Trust - Tuesday, April 22 - Rhythm Room

Ever wish Vincent Price had recorded an album of intoxicating disco-pop? If he had, it would likely sound something like TRST, the dark, gothic debut from Toronto-based Trust. Spearheaded by Robert Alfons (and performance collaborator Maya Postepski), the group possesses a creepy and distinctive tenor perfectly suited to his macabre melodic material. Alfons understands that even goths need to get their groove on from time to time, so the pulsating synth-pop tracks like "Gloryhole" balance well with comfortably numb nod-off numbers like "Heaven." -- Rob van Alstyne

Off! - Tuesday, April 22 - Crescent Ballroom

When is a new band not such a new band? Well, in the case of incendiary hardcore revivalists OFF!, it certainly makes a difference that two of the members have known each other for nire than 30 years. Bassist Steve McDonald first met singer Keith Morris when he was in sixth grade. McDonald had different friends from the average tween's: At age 12, he was playing bass in a punk band called Red Cross, whose first gig found the group opening for one of Southern California's most infamous punk outfits.

Morris, then Black Flag's singer, took Red Cross under his wing, and the young band -- founded by Steve McDonald and his brother Jeff McDonald -- regularly practiced at the same former church in the South Bay area of Los Angeles where Black Flag lived on the cheap. In time, Red Cross evolved into pop-culture obsessed rockers Redd Kross, and Morris went on to front hardcore icons the Circle Jerks. All these years later, McDonald and Morris are not just good friends, they've been touring and recording with OFF! and have developed a rep as one of the most intense and exciting acts on the American punk scene. -- Mark Deming

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Grouplove - Wednesday, April 23 - Marquee Theatre

Gliding across a musical spectrum, from the infectiously groove-laden "Itchin' on a Photograph" to the dance pop of "Tongue Tied," from the indie quirkiness of "Naked Kids" to the bubblegum pop of "Sunny Day," Grouplove clearly has a group love of all forms musical on its debut album, Never Trust a Happy Song. It's not surprising, given the geographical diversity of this quintet -- two hail from the Lower East Side of New York, two from Los Angeles, and one from London -- that formed on the Greek island of Crete during an artist retreat.

From that point, the story becomes typical: Jamming ensued, songwriting commenced, and then everyone parted ways. But the bonds of friendship and collaboration pulled the group together again in L.A., where, in short order, Grouplove became a major buzz band. Maybe it's by design -- or not -- but the band's influences are found all across the indie landscape, including flashes of Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, and the jangly goodness of early R.E.M. in the mix. Yet it's how the band manages to convert those influences into crawl-into-the-ear-and-stay-there songs that allows Grouplove's dance-ready sound to take hold. -- Glenn BurnSilver

Seth Troxler - Wednesday, April 23 - Bar Smith

Seth Troxler has posed naked for festival promotion videos and launched his own barbecue pop-up shop in London, but neither nudity nor smoked meat explain his ongoing popularity. As founding member of the Detroit-based Visionquest label and an in-demand DJ since before his high school prom, Troxler's infectious enthusiasm and production proficiency are partly responsible for the revival of druggy deep house that continues to chug along in America. Troxler was voted Resident Advisor's #1 DJ of 2012, and he's sure to pack in a crowd at Bar Smith for the return of Rebel Disco's infamous local dance night Push Push. -- Aaron Gonsher

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