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Tumblr of the Week: Break Up Your Band

Plenty of people can appreciate good writing when they recognize it. I particularly appreciate reading good pieces about music. If I'm reading something that's not about any of my favorite bands, that's even better because maybe I'll learn something, and perhaps you will, too. 

Welcome to our first installment of our Tumblr of the Week, where we'll be featuring a notable Tumblr blog about music every Monday (with the exception of this week, obviously).

Our very first Tumblr of the Week pick is Break Up Your Band, a music variety blog that mostly features 90s music.

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the Week after the jump...

New York City writer and performer John Frusciante (not to be confused with the Red Hot Chili Peppers' former guitarist) writes and manages the Break Up Your Band blog.

"Break Up Your Band officially became a blog dedicated solely (well, mostly...) to '90s music when maybe two years or so ago I overheard my friend and colleague Anthony King say about something completely unrelated to blogging, that 'If you're about everything, you're about nothing,'" Frusciante wrote on Tumblr. Thus his '90s music focus was born.

Frusciante also works as the artistic associate forthe Upright Citizens Brigade comedy theatre in NYC, which explains gems like this:

"Sunny Day Real Estate, '100 Million' on How It Feels To Be Something On, 1998:

No SDRE album was as good as Diary, but there are some genuine gems spread out amongst their later releases like this absolutely gorgeous piece of music from the 1998 album whose title I don't feel like typing again even though I would've spent less time typing the title than I just did typing about how I don't feel like typing it."

and this:

"Oh lord it's so late in the day and I skipped last week's Phish For Lent segment oh blogging gods please forgive me! Wash my feet and drive me to Firenze! I offer you this choice cut from Billy Breathes as atonement for my lazy blogging."

Start checking out Break Up Your Band on the reg for your daily dose of witty musical insight.

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