Up on the Sun: The Podcast, with Treasure Mammal, Half String, and More

See also: Up on the Sun: The Podcast, Episode 3, with Ron Livingston, Isaac Brock, Wanda Jackson, and More "I wanted something with a lot of textures and songs [that] could take you somewhere new," says Abe Gil of Treasure MammaL in this week's issue.

But reading Gil is one thing. Seeing and hearing him is another. You can do the latter in this week's installment of Up on the Sun: The Podcast, Episode IV.

We also speak with Kimber Lanning of Stinkweeds Records and Local First AZ and listen to her '90s shoegaze band Half String, as well as hear new tunes from Nite Jewel and the fantastic, Dan Auerbach-produced Dr. John record, Locked Down.

What You're Hearing:

Dave Grusin, "The Gun Dealer" (from "Friends of Eddie Coyle), Dr. John, "Ice Age," Nite Jewel, "Autograph," Treasure MammaL, "Kokopeli Remix," "Dream Girl," "Dikembe Mutumbo," "Stevie Wonder to the Bullshit," Magic in Threes, "I Got Warrants," Half String, "Arc Fold," Lenny Breau, "A Taste of Honey," Half String, "Eclipse"

Where To Hear It:

Treasure MammaL is scheduled to perform Saturday, April 7 at Trunk Space.

Nite Jewel is scheduled to perform Saturday, April 14 at Crescent Ballroom.

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