Walk the Moon at the Rhythm Room, 6/6/12

Walk the Moon
Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walk the Moon have conquered kiddie rock, impressed the masses at Sasquatch, and they've got the song of the summer. They're coming up quickly, and they can't be ignored. Right now they're a band whose song you've definitely heard but whose name you might not know, but not for too much longer. Basically, with a new self-titled album coming out on June 19, these guys are on fire right now.

Not surprisingly, they made a name for themselves last night at their second show in Phoenix.

The band lit up the Rhythm Room with explosive enthusiasm and contagious amounts of energy (trust me, the audience caught it quickly). The whole band couldn't hold back their smiles. Not only was the band excited, but they were extremely comfortable with the crowd.

The audience felt like it was Christmas morning when the band performed a few currently unreleased tracks, including "Drunk in the Woods" and the guitar driven "Tête à Tête," the latter of which they recently wrote while touring. The harmonies during "Iscariot" were tremendous. Fans couldn't get enough of "Tightrope," which I'd like to think will be the group's next single. I even saw some moms dancing and really getting into it, and they looked like they were enjoying the show for reasons other than that they had to come just because they brought their kid.

Frontman Nicholas Petricca sang with a truly beautiful voice to the point when it came time for the band to say good night, no one wanted him to stop singing. The crowd lived for "Anna Sun." Nobody would have gone home without an encore, for which the fans screamed as though the band's been a household name for years.

One thing was clear: the men of Walk the Moon love their job, and even the most casual listeners at the show seemed to think they do their job damn well.

Critic's notebook:

Last night: Walk the Moon at the Rhythm Room.

Personal bias: I've loved Walk the Moon since the very first time I heard "Anna Sun."

The crowd: Lots of 18-year-olds with face paint, as well as a handful of people five to ten years older than them.

Overheard: "They're like if Kings of Leon had on-stage energy and gave a shit."

Random notebook dump: Not gonna lie, I'm currently considering seeing the band again in another city in a few days.

Set list:
The Liftaway
Next In Line
Drunk In The Woods
Lisa Baby
Tête à Tête
Shiver Shiver
Anna Sun

I Can Lift A Car

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