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Arizona Cardinals 30th Most Valuable Sports Franchise on Earth, According to Forbes

the Arizona Cardinals miraculous 2009 NFL playoff run -- and Super Bowl loss -- the team had only one playoff win in 60 years. However, the team's tradition of losing aside, the franchise is still worth some serious coin.

According to Forbes' list of the 50 most-valuable sports franchises released Tuesday, the Cards are the 30th most valuable team in the world, worth a cool $919 million.

That's $16 million less than the team was worth last year, when it was also ranked the 30th- most-valuable team on the planet.

The Cardinals aren't alone when it comes to NFL franchises making the list -- not even close. In fact, each the NFL's 32 teams are in the top 50.

The Cards spot at No. 30 on the list makes it only the third most valuable team in the NFC West, with the Seattle Seahawks at No. 25 ($989 million) and the San Francisco 49ers at No. 29 ($925 million). The St. Louis Rams ranked 40th ($779 million).

The top 10 most valuable sports franchises, according to Forbes, is as follows:

Soccer's Manchester United is No. 1, valued at $1.86 billion. They are followed by the Dallas Cowboys ($1.81 billion), New York Yankees ($1.7 billion), Washington Redskins ($1.55 billion), soccer's Real Madrid $1.45 billion), New England Patriots ($1.37 billion), soccer's Arsenal ($1.19 billion), New York Giants ($1.18 billion), then somewhat surprisingly the Houston Texans ($1.17 billion), and, rounding out the top 10, the New York Jets ($1.14 billion).

See Forbes complete list here.

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