Arizona's Scientologists Are Terrifying -- and They Want Your Money

The Arizona Church of Scientology is hard up for cash and is begging for contributions in one of the most frightening Youtube videos we've ever seen.

In short: These people are bat-shit crazy excited. 

Armed with sunflower earrings and a crazed Joker-like smile, our trusty Scientology tour guide, Didi, shows us the ins and outs of the fundraising effort to build the group's new "org" ("org" is Scientology speak for church).

But be warned: if you choose to watch the video, Didi might haunt your dreams.

We don't want to ruin it for you, so just click here to watch the video -- unfortunately, we can't post it in this blog because the ability to embed has been disabled by whoever posted it following a similar post in New Times' sister paper, the Village Voice.

In a national push to build utopian-like orgs (knows as "ideal orgs") across the country, the Church of Scientology is asking for thousands of dollars from its limited but devoted brethren.
Here in Arizona, this proposed new structure to house Arizona's ever-decreasing number of followers is currently planned for East Phoenix.

Indeed, because Arizona has only a couple of thousand followers, many critics say this new endeavor is ludicrous.

Some also are quick to point out that the church's fundraising strategy is a bit... out there.

After numerous calls, the Arizona Church of Scientology could not be reached for comment about the new fundraising effort.
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