Channing Frye Suspended For One Game (Jason Richardson Fined) 'Cause of Phoenix Suns/Indiana Pacers Fracas

As we expected, Suns backup center Channing Frye will spend Friday night riding the pine, as the NBA suspended him for one game after his scrap with Indiana's Earl Watson and Danny Granger during Phoenix's win over the Pacers on Saturday.

Frye won't be the only one cooling his jets on the bench during the next few days, as league officials also suspended Danny Granger for his participation in the incident. Jason Richardson and the Pacers' Roy Hibbert (who got caught up in the fracas) will have to shell out a cool $25,000 each, while Watson is obligated to cough up $30,000.

For those of you who didn't witness the drama unfold during the weekend game, Frye and Watson began scuffling at the end of the third quarter when the Pacers point guard began slapping Channing's hands away as he was guarded by the Suns player. As you can see by the above YouTube clip, Frye gave a rather weak shove to Watson's back as he was walking away.

Except Earl (who busted up Steve Nash's mouth but good back in January) decided to shove back.

Frye never copped to using his fisticuffs following the game, stating in interviews that he "wasn't going to punch [Watson]."

He went on to say, "It's not the right thing, and it's definitely not a reflection of me. Anybody will tell you I'm one of the easy-going guys. I'll go down and bang with you. That's part of the game. But at that point, I thought it was a little bit more than that and emotions took over."

Despite Frye's denials (and the fact that his so-called punches were timid, at best), the NBA front office sent him to time-out for the Suns' next game with the league-leading Los Angeles Lakers on Friday.

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