Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio on Blast by Tom Perez, Courtesy of Dennis Gilman (w/Update, Part 2)

Tom Perez blasts Sheriff Joe in Phoenix yesterday

Hey, did you hear that the U.S. Department of Justice is suing Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Well, in case you were hibernating beneath a saguaro on Thursday, Assistant U.S. Attorney General Tom Perez was in town to blast everyone's least-favorite sheriff for his racial-profiling, Latino-hatin', constitution-trashin' ways, and to explain the reasons for the DOJ's lawsuit. 

Independent journalist and videographer Dennis Gilman was on the scene and caught Perez's entire press conference. 

This is part one of that historic presser. Gilman will soon post Perez's Q & A session with reporters. Gilman got in a significant query about whether or not the DOJ will join the ACLU's racial profiling lawsuit against Arpaio, which goes to trial July 19. So stay tuned for part two.

A transcript of Perez's remarks is below. Sure, we'd rather see Arpaio marched through the streets of Phoenix in stripes and shackles, like he did to many of his Hispanic prisoners a couple of years ago. But here in Sand Land, we'll take what we can get, justice-wise.

Update: See Part 2 of this presser after the jump.

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