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Joe Arpaio's Doom: "Adios Arpaio" Claims 20,000 Anti-Joe Voters Added to the Rolls (w/Update)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been frittering away his remaining days on this planet by glomming onto the birther idiocy for publicity and chasing dishwashers and gardeners while dangerous sex offenders roam free.

Meanwhile, a small army of high-school kids (mostly), funded by union bucks and led by veteran organizers has been quietly, doggedly engineering his downfall.

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That group calls itself Adios Arpaio and yesterday it announced that it had registered more than 20,000 new voters: 21,571, to be exact.

(Note: I have asked county elections to confirm this count, and should have an answer by Monday. I will update this blog at that time.)

To celebrate, a delegation of those young men and women delivered empty boxes to Arpaio's pricey 19th floor offices in the Wells Fargo Building downtown.

Why? To help him move, of course, when he loses his bid for a sixth unprecedented term on November 6.

Adios Arpaio spokeswoman Daria Ovide told me the voter registration campaign -- made up of 400 volunteers and about 20 paid staff -- has been focusing on signing up Latinos.

The volunteer canvassers haven't been tracking the party affiliations of registrants, but she's certain that most of these new voters are likely to cast a ballot against Arpaio.

"We're pretty clear about what our goal is," she explained. "[We tell people], `If you want to get involved in defeating Arpaio in November, the first step is to register to vote.'

"One thing we know is that everyone we've registered is most-likely an anti-Arpaio voter...The majority of the people we've been registering are Latinos. Beyond that we're not tracking."

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