Letters From the Issue of Thursday, June 22, 2006

Club Hell, Indeed

Sinking to a new low: As a longtime advertiser and reader of New Times, I can honestly say that you have succeeded in sinking to a new low with your article on the event at Club Hell ("Lucifer's Lookyloos," Inferno, Stephen Lemons, June 8).

Writer Lemons' judgmental, abusive comments created a slanderous article. His inappropriate use and expression of the English language insulted my senses with words like "hos," "hags" and "Stankenstein," and he has the nerve to give thanks to Yahweh in the middle of this! At this point, it's difficult to believe that Mr. Lemons even knows the Hebrew God birthed from Tetragrammaton.

The Dominas that were at Club Hell that evening chose to donate their time for a fun, fetish night out and to pass down the fine art of BDSM, which is not, under any circumstances, prostitution!

The ladies provided the equipment, knowledge and skills so that the patrons could play safely, sanely and consensually.

The Dominas of DOIAZ are trained professionals, who were, in a sense, acting as guardian angels. Yes, I will agree with you, we are not all 18 years old with the perfect Barbie figure and face. You must know that time marches on for everyone, and in this case, time has created incredible fruit on the tree of life.

These women are intelligent, skilled, compassionate, and a pleasure to be in the presence of. It'd be one thing to attack me as the Head Mistress and Owner, but it's completely unnecessary to attack individuals whom you do not know or even bothered to interview.
Porsche Lynn, Phoenix

They went to Club Hell so you don't have to: I loved Inferno's take on what went on at Club Hell. The descriptions of the participants in that S&M nightmare were priceless.

I mean, you could see from the pictures, without even bothering to read the hilarious text, what a flab-fest was going on, not to mention just plain ol' nastiness.

What I always say about Inferno's dynamic duo is: They go into places that many of the rest of us would dare not tread. I like reading about what's going on in the bizarre nightclub world (and I'm not talking about the glam Scottsdale pretty-people places), but I sure don't want to go there.

Please, who wants to chance getting urine in his cocktail?! Or some skeezer's pubic hair?!
Tom Gleason, Phoenix

A thousand words are worth a picture: "Thunder thighs coated in cottage cheese" and "depressingly average fucks" and "wrinkly naked geezers" and "pimply backsides." Indeed!

Lemons-as-Kreme's word pictures of what goes on in one of these BDSM scenes are so right-on. Scary, and not in a good way.
Bill Hopkins, Phoenix

We love them for their minds: I would like to start by stating that your review on the Club Hell event was disgusting! The way Jett and Kreme dismissed the activities and ladies there was completely false and biased.

These are lifestyle players in the BDSM scene. If you were looking for hot young inexperienced girls, go check out the Pussycat Dolls show!

The way you described those ladies was rude and uncalled-for. The best thing about the scene is, it's unlike any other sex industry. It's not about how hot or young you are, it's about what you carry in the mind!

You can be 65 and still keep a stable of young studs hanging onto every word and activity you have for them! These "hags" are not hags. This was not a freak show, it was a Saturday night of fun at a club.

We have similar things back in Chicago, and no one would ever dream of describing the ladies in attendance in any fashion other than respect. If you knew about the activities happening and still found yourself appalled, then you had every right to walk out of the door and never look back! As I said before, go to a strip club if you want young girls; go to Club Hell if you want women.

Also, Mistress Parris works for Mistress Porsche Lynn, so does that make her a hag also? You have just disrespected Miss Porsche, Miss Parris and all of the ladies. They are not based on their looks; if that were true, well then, Mistress Porsche wouldn't have a running business that does extremely well.

I hate to say it, but even the ugly people can enjoy themselves! I hope in the near future your writer opens his mind a bit. These are people who just happen to enjoy a different aspect of their sexuality.
Name withheld by request

Never a disappointment: The Inferno column on the fetish scene at Club Hell was an example of why I keep reading New Times. You would never get the true picture of what goes on in such a place in any other rag.

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