NFL Playoffs: Somehow, We Were Perfect Last Week. Here's This Week's Picks

We make it a practice (once) every year of making the trek to Vegas and donating money to the "cause," that is, those poor casinos, by wagering on all manner of sporting events.


​Unfortunately, we were not up there last week to put down our hard-earned shekels on the four National Football League wildcard games.

Unfortunate because we picked all four correctly, including the Arizona Cardinals' classic 51-45 win over Green Bay, a game in which the fella to the left (Mr. Warner) threw more touchdown passes (five) than incompletions (four).

We even nailed all of the over-unders right, which obviously (if you knew us) was more guesswork than anything else.

So, let's do it again, shall we?

We are tempted to call our pal, who uses a bookie (or maybe it's the other way around) to satisfy his betting jones, but, nawwww.....a surefire loser if we put any real money down on this shit. 

The four games:

1. Arizona at New Orleans: Sorry, locals, don't shoot us. The Saints are going to march into the NFC Championship game in a tight one, 31-28.

2. Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts: Relatively low-scoring battle (arent't they all, after last week's monster out in Glendale), with Colts moving onto the next round, 24-14.

3. Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings: Don't have much of a clue how this one will wind up. Cowboys have killer D, Vikings have Favre. Let's flip a coin--Vikings prevail, 21-17.

4. New York Jets at San Diego Chargers: We put down $10 months ago on the Chargers to win the Super Bowl, and have seen nothing to persuade us otherwise. Jets' nice run ends, 28-14.

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