Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce: No "Absolute Legislative Immunity" for Him, Court Says

While recalled ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce was away in D.C. (likely on Judicial Watch's dime) preparing for his big day before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, and, later, to hear oral arguments on Senate Bill 1070 before the U.S. Supreme Court, a different court here in Sand Land was giving him a much-deserved spankin'.

To be specific, it was U.S. District Court here in Phoenix. The jurist? Federal Judge Frederick Martone. The ruling? Pearce cannot claim "total legislative immunity" for every foul deed he ever did while state Senate President. 

You might recall that in March, I told you about how Pearce was claiming "total legislative immunity" in a cheap, desperate attempt to extricate himself from the federal civil rights lawsuit Reza v. Pearce, brought by local activist Sal Reza, because of Reza's false arrest and imprisonment at the state Capitol back in February of 2011.

Reza was arrested for "trespassing" after Pearce banned him from the state Senate building, putatively for "disorderly and disruptive behavior" two days before, but in reality because Pearce doesn't like Reza's harsh criticism of him (and also because Pearce is a colossal bigot). 

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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