The Best Laid Plans of Nikki Lynn

Picture the setup for a girl-on-girl tryst in a porn nugget titled Hot Seats released last summer on VCA video:

Horny babes on mountain bikes traversing the hills outside of Los Angeles, clad in tight bike shorts, nipple-enhancing jerseys and enough makeup to challenge any Spice Girl. Two of them meet up after a heated bike trek. One girl, Charlie, is a randy brunette with runway model lines. The other girl, a blonde, has exaggerated chest protrusions and bee-stung lips pursed in a patented porno power-pout. The dialogue:

"By the way, my name is Charlie."
"Hey, how's it goin'?"
"If you don't mind me saying, you are very beautiful. Don't these bikes get you all hot and horny?" Charlie says in a stilted manner not uncommon to porn actresses.

"Uh . . . Charlie . . . you said your name was? I'm not gay."
"Um, neither am I, but you have to admit, a woman's tits and ass are quite nice."

The blonde smirks, hesitates a few seconds, then grabs Charlie by the hand and says, "All right . . . this time."

The two climb 10 feet or so up a rock and, precisely at the moment the canned drum loop kicks in, proceed to disrobe and devour each other. One girl produces a long, snakelike dildo from out of nowhere. The rubbery schlong has faux penises on either end which they use to penetrate each other simultaneously. Feigned moans and groans lead to an elaborate parody of ecstasy.

The brunette, Charlie, is a not-quite-video-box-cover-material player in adult films who hails from Anaheim.

The blonde is an ex-Glendale High School cheerleader, current Kingman resident and full-on porn star named Nikki Lynn.

Kingman, Arizona, sits in a lovely valley below the Hualapai Mountains, 179 miles northwest of Phoenix. The town is noteworthy worldwide as a place where meth/explosives enthusiast Timothy McVeigh once resided in a trailer park.

Though commonly dismissed as a burp en route to L.A., Vegas or Laughlin, parts of Kingman retain a picturesque pre-World War II charm. At night, lines of neon still glow in the exterior darkness of tawdry taverns, aging motels and roadside restaurants. In old downtown, well-kept architecture remains on neat, uncluttered streets in the form of multistory office buildings, single-level shops and quaint eateries.

This setting of old Kingman is juxtaposed with the new, growing Kingman, corporate America's takeover of small-town Americana: Best Western, Kmart, Smith's and Taco Bell blanket the budding city of 37,000, adding the universal franchise color to the natural muted brown and beige tones.

It is also here, amid a grid of newish, ivory-hued stucco tract houses, that an international adult-video star, nearing the peak of her career, lives contently with her husband, their 4-year-old son, and her 14-year-old stepson.

Nikki Lynn's neighborhood in Kingman is like any other modern, working-class block on a Sunday afternoon in mid-July: Uproarious preteens zip around on shiny new bikes; shirtless, beer-bellied fathers with bored expressions spray water onto green lawns; tangy bouquets of charred meat waft from backyard barbecues; teenage boys in big shorts crowd around the open hood of a beat-up Pontiac while a hard-rock/hip-hop dirge blares from the car's interior.

A number of the roofs are decorated with satellite dishes. Resting in front of some homes are sporty camper-trailers with attached speedboats. Nearly every yard is strewn with children's toys.

Basically, it's your average all-American neighborhood in which the adult inhabitants work hard, watch lots of TV and raise their children.

Just like all-American mom/porn star Nikki Lynn.

Nikki Lynn was born Tammy Hallen in Torrance, California, 24 years ago, the eldest of five children. She moved to Phoenix when she was 12. Her first high school was Independence, but she soon transferred to Glendale High, where she became captain of the cheerleading squad.

During her formative years, Tammy built an athletic base of mostly dance, for which she credits her ability in front of a camera.

"I've done everything from ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics, baton, Irish step dancing, cheerleading, swimming, drill team, rifle team, ROTC, assault team--which is sea and land training," she says. "You name it, I've been there, and it all wraps up into one package of who I am."

Tammy dropped out of school in her junior year and got her GED. In late '91, while visiting Kingman with her erstwhile boyfriend, Tammy met her soon-to-be-husband, an affable truck driver named Richard Schaffner, who was living in Kingman with his 7-year-old son, Ricky--a boy who had been in a tragic car accident that claimed the life of his mother.

Tammy baby-sat Ricky while Richard was traversing the country, driving 18-wheelers for MNX trucking. They fell in love, and Tammy moved into his Kingman home. They were married in Bullhead City that year.

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