The Six Best New Times Longreads of 2016

During 2016, New Times published dozens of longform articles. Some delved into complicated presidential politics or environmental problems; others were elegant and reflective personal essays about issues of local concern. While they covered a variety of topics, the thing that they all have in commons is that they took weeks — sometimes months — to report and write.

As the year comes to an end, make sure you don't miss these six great longreads:

6. 21st-Century Viking: The Life and Death of Ex-Con, Tattoo Artist, and Heathen Warrior Jubel Dean Perkins, by Stephen Lemons
A deep dive into the fascinating life and mysterious death of local tattoo artist Jubel Dean Perkins, an ex-con who became a beloved leader in Asatru, a modern-day pagan religion.

5. Broken Bonds: Native American Foster Children Suffer Under a Law Originally Meant to Help Them, by Elizabeth Stuart
The tale of a Mesa family's struggle to adopt a Native American child they fostered illuminates how the Indian Child Welfare Act, a law that was designed to help Native American children, might be doing more harm than good.

4. Phoenix Is an Ethnically Diverse City — So Why Does It Feel So White? by Robrt Pela
A first-person essay that examines why Phoenix, a huge city with a population that's more than 30 percent Hispanic, feels so white.

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