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The Space Burger: A Cosmic Experience on the Road to San Diego

You've seen this, right?

If you've driven to San Diego, you have. Right off the main drag through Gila Bend, the Best Western Space Age Lodge and Restaurant was opened in 1965 by Al Stovall, a friend of President Eisenhower and supplier of metals and plastics to the federal government during WWII. Stovall had a bunch of futuristic-themed hotels back then, but the Space Age Lodge in Gila Bend is the last one to retain its other-worldly look. A flying saucer over the lobby? A geodesic dome by the swimming pool? The Space Burger? Now that's the kind of roadside America worth the price of gas.

How did the futuristic road trip fare of the Best Western Space Age Restaurant in Gila Bend taste to Fry Girl? Find out in this week's column.