10 Places to Buy Rosca de Reyes in Metro Phoenix

For many Hispanics, the holiday season is not officially over until Día de Reyes on January 6. Día de Reyes celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men — Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar — to visit baby Jesus. This day is also known as the Feast of the Epiphany. In some parts of Latin America, kids typically get presents on Día de Reyes instead of Christmas. They leave their old shoes outside their rooms or in the living room, and in the morning they find them surrounded by gifts given by the Three Kings.

During this day, Rosca de Reyes or King’s cake is served. The Rosca de Reyes is an oval-shaped (to symbolize the crown) sweet bread with dry and candied fruits. The rosca has a small plastic figurine inside representing baby Jesus. Whoever gets the figurine in their slice of rosca, must throw a party with tamales and atole on Día de la Candelaria on February 2.

The Rosca de Reyes is usually eaten in the morning with hot chocolate and champurrado, making it the perfect reason to keep binge-eating and prolong those New Year’s resolutions. You can usually find the rosca during the first week of January in different panaderías. To help you finalize the last day of the festivities, here are 10 places in metro Phoenix where you can buy the Rosca de Reyes.

La Purísima Bakery
Since 1983, the Arellano family has been devoted to making the best pan dulce, tamales, and fresh flour tortillas in town. For Día de Reyes, La Purísima Bakery offers two sizes of roscas, large and small. The large rosca is $30 with four figurines, and the small version is $8 with two figurines. It is recommended to order in advance at the bakery.  The panaderías are located at 4533 W. Glendale Avenue in Glendale and 2318 E. Indian School Road. Make sure to bring cash, cards are not accepted.

Altos Ranch Market
Altos Ranch Market is a favorite Mexican eatery and grocery store chain. You can find Roscas de Reyes in any of the seven stores. There are two sizes available, large $6.99, and small $4.99. All the roscas are made with imported Mexican ingredients. The roscas at Altos Ranch Market are available a week prior to the Día de Reyes’ week.

Panadería y Tortillería Guerrero
As soon as you open the door to the Panadería y Tortillería Guerrero, you are transported to México with the aromas of authentic Mexican food. Bulmaro Hernández, whose objective is to offer the best fresh bread in town, opened the panadería in 2003. Panadería y Tortillería Guerrero was voted the best panadería in 2015 and this year is offering different sizes of Roscas de Reyes. The bakery is located at 2829 N 32nd Street.

La Estrella Panadería y Carnicería
Located just off Broadway Road in Mesa, La Estrella Panadería is been a favorite spot for Mexican baked goods since 2002. Their slogan: “Donde le damos gusto a su paladar” or “Where we satisfy your taste buds.” Long lines are expected on January 6. It is recommended to pre-order and pre-pay your rosca in person or by phone 480-649-0293 to avoid the crowds. Roscas prices and sizes vary. The panadería is located at 819 E Broadway Road, Mesa.

Panadería y Pastelería Lo Mejor
With more than 25 years of experience, this family-owned and operated panadería offers traditional Rosca de Reyes in three different sizes. You can pick the number of figurines you want inside your rosca and customize your toppings. You can call at 602-268-5778 to order or visit the store. Besides getting your delicious rosca, make sure to check out the mini-conchas and mini-piggy-shaped cookies, they are perfect for any event. The panadería is located at 5819 S 16th Street. The store is open Tue-Sun from 6 am – 8 pm.

La Guadalupana Bakery
This family-owned bakery opened its doors in March 2006. For Día de Reyes, La Guadalupana Bakery will be offering traditional roscas in two sizes, large and medium. The panadería is located at 437 S Gilbert Road # 9, Mesa. Once you are there, make sure to grab a piece of their delicious tres leches cake, or a piece of bread from their wide variety of pan dulce. To order a rosca or any other customized cake, call 480-649-0131.

La Reyna Bakery
La Reyna Bakery has been known for its pan dulce and fluffy conchas since 1989. This year, they will be offering three sizes of roscas, large $20, medium $16, and small $12. Avoid long lines, and pre-order your rosca at the store. The panadería is located at 3519 W. McDowell Road.

Carnicería y Panadería el Herradero
Inside of the carnicería el Herradero (formerly Mama Mia Panadería & Market), you can find the most exquisite champurrado and pan dulce. The year-old panadería specializes in cakes and authentic Mexican bread. You can call at 480-786-9155 to order or visit the carnicería y panadería to order any of the three sizes of roscas, large $21.99, medium $19.99, and small $4.99. Located at 731 S Arizona Avenue, Chandler.

Antigua Bakery
Freshly made roscas await you at this traditional panadería, which also serves tasty pan dulce. Antigua Bakery offers two sizes of roscas; the family size rosca is $25 and the smaller version is $15. You can order by phone 602-973-9021, or at the store. The bakery is located at 3603 W Camelback Road.

Food City
Get your rosca decorated with figs, pineapple and other dried fruit at Food City. With more than 10 stores all over the Valley, the grocery store is your one-stop-shop for all your festive needs. The store offers two rosca sizes, large $16.99, and medium $11.99. Just show up to your nearest location and grab a rosca to share. Don’t forget to make some room for the tamales on February 2.
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