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12 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a 'D' On County Health Inspections in May 2016

From rodent issues to difficulties with basic hand-washing skills, last month's restaurant health inspection infractions might make you think twice before you head out for lunch. 

La Familia Carniceria, Phoenix (2801 East Van Buren Street)

"Tripe at 112-128F, chicken wings at 88-112F, and turkey butts in 92-118F in the steam table. Per employees, all products were cooked or reheated when the establishment opened (1-1.5 hours ago). Tripe and turkey butts were reheated in oil to over 180F and the chicken wings were reheated in the microwave to 192F. Maintain all food in the steam table at 135F or above. This is a repeat violation."

Super L Ranch Market, Phoenix (668 North 44th Street Suite 188)

"Observed employees using propane tank with fire in meat market area to heat and cook crab for consumers. Employees were educated and items were removed properly. Please do not use equipment that could cause a potential danger to consumers or employees."

JB's Restaurant No. 110, Phoenix (3567 West Northern Avenue)

"Cut tomatoes in buffet line with black mold present. Manager discarded tomatoes — see embargo form. Discard food items as necessary and use first in, first out."

Carniceria Sonora, Tempe (3135 South 48th Street, Suite 107)

"Observed Chichorenes measured at 70F in kitchen. Per Person in Charge, product was cooked this morning and were to be held hot in the hot holding case. Chichorenes were stored in the walk-in cooler to cool before service. Observed refried beans in the hot holding case measured at 120F. Person in Charge turned hot holding case to higher temperature and beans were measured at 145F at time of inspection."

Pei Wei Fresh Kitchen, Phoenix (701 West McDowell Road)

"Dried organic matter and food debris were encrusted to several strainers stored as clean. Person in charge moved food equipment to mechanical warewashing machine to be washed, rinsed, and sanitized. Food equipment shall be clean to sight and touch."

Tacos de Juarez, Phoenix (1017 North Seventh Street)

"Observed a can opener set on a shelf covered in flour from a bag that appeared to have been chewed into by a rodent. Please ensure that all utensils are stored in a manor to prevent contamination. The can opener was moved to be washed."

Jamba Juice, Gilbert (4972 South Power Road, Suite 105)

"Employee observed wiping her nose while preparing a drink. Same employee observed taking an order, handling the register and then putting on gloved to handle ready to eat foods. Proper hand washing and food handling was reviewed with the person in charge."

Filiberto's Mexican Food, Phoenix (10227 North Metro Parkway)

"Chili rellenos and cooked fish were found in the walk-in cooler without a datemark. Person in charge indicated items had been prepared last Friday. A container of green chili was found in the walk in cooler with a date of 4/27, but person in charge indicated that item had just been made several days prior to inspection. "

Subway, Phoenix (3440 West Thomas Road)

"Pastrami and steak were observed thawing at room temperature on the prep table. Reviewed proper thawing methods to employees. Items were moved to refrigeration at time of inspection."

La Parrilla Suiza, Mesa (1622 South Stapley Drive)

"Observed accumulation of organic slime mold growth in floor drains and accumulation of organic food debris throughout kitchen. Must clean."

Macaron Cafe, Phoenix (4568 East Cactus Road)

"Dishes not properly sanitized after cleaning. Per employee, food contact surfaces are washed with soap and rinsed with water, without following through with a sanitizer rinse."

Chon Thai Food, Chandler (2330 North Alma School Road, Suite 116-118)

"Observed employee cleaning tables and scraping leftovers from plates take new food out to customer without washing. Discussed hand washing with employee and observed employee wash properly."
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