23 Metro Phoenix Chefs Tell Us What's on Their Holiday Wish Lists

One of the biggest perks of the holiday season? Gifts. Chances are high that you will receive and give plenty of presents in the coming days. And from a pound of saffron to dinner at Chef Kevin Binkley's new restaurant, here's what you'll find on some Phoenix chefs' holiday wish lists.

What kitchen tools, ingredients, or dining experiences are on your holiday wish list this year?

Erick Pineda, chef of Radish at DeSoto Central Market

It would be great to get a small cold-press juicer inside the restaurant. We could start incorporating fresh juice more into dressings and sauces.

Javi Perez, chef of Pomelo at The Orchard PHX

A new set of Enso knives and one pound of saffron!

Chris Neff, chef of Lincoln at J.W. Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa

Joule Circulator and a Takeda Classic Kogatana [knife].
Mike Goldsmith, chef of Joe’s Midnight Run

Kitchen tools I'm pretty well stocked with, but for experiences, I’d love to try the “eating in the dark” concept. I think it would really play games with your senses and be totally fun.

Sean Currid, executive chef of Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails

More ramen spots. I mean really good ramen!

Pauline Martinez, owner of Perk Eatery

I love casual, family-style dinners where one can graze and nibble on a plethora of different items instead of fussy plated meals.

Brian Archibald, executive chef of the Boulders Resort & Spa

We are trying to expand our charcuterie program, so a new grinder/stuffer is on the list!

Garrison Whiting, executive chef of Counter Intuitive

I would love a private dinner at Nobuo at the Teeter House. Chef Fukuda has my utmost respect. I hope that, one day, I can consider myself his peer.

Justin Beckett, chef of Beckett's Table

I ask Santa for a sharp new peeler every year. I also always have a wish list full of cookbooks. I wouldn’t mind a nice bowl of ramen from Josh [Hebert's] new spot, Hot Noodles & Cold Sake.

Tamara Stanger, chef of Helio Basin Brewing

A fancy new apron, a shark skin grater, and cookbooks!

Christopher Gross, chef of Christopher’s and the Crush Lounge

I want to cook and serve a swan for our big family holiday dinner.
Samantha Sanz, chef of Talavera

I would love a wood-fire grill or a whole roasting spit. I really just want to go back to Paris and visit my old neighborhood boulangerie and eat pan au chocolat, paris brest and a baguette traditional from [baker] Eric Kayser.

Jim Gallen, chef of Tom’s Tavern

Kitchen tools: easy, anything copper!
Ingredients: a pomegranate tree
Dining experience: Binkley’s Midtown.

Robert Nixon, chef of Geordie’s Steak at the Wrigley Mansion

I love experiencing interesting dishes and trying new restaurants in the Valley. Matt Carter's new Italian restaurant Fat Ox opening up in Scottsdale is definitely on my wish list.

Rebecca Tillman, executive chef of the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort

I love over-the-top, bizarre cookbooks that are hard to find. The stranger, the better.

Rich Hinojosa, chef of CRUjiente Tacos

A Takeda utility knife, and a Big Green Egg [kamado-style ceramic charcoal barbecue cooker] with the pizza stone attachment, and a compass in the stock!

Allison DeVane, owner of Teaspressa and Tea &Toast

Tamales, tamales, tamales. 'Tis the season of tamales!
Chris Nicosia, executive chef of Sassi

Knives are always on my list. You can never have enough knives. For a dining experience, I'm just looking forward to sitting at MY dining room table and enjoying a LEISURELY meal with my family.

Lucia Schnitzer, co-owner of Luci's Healthy Marketplace, Luci's at The Orchard, Pomelo, and Splurge

There's a kale-stripping tool that helps remove the leaves from the stems. You can also use it for herbs. It's only $8! You save so much time!
Virginia Senior, chef of Urban Beans

Immersion blender for more soups and more vegan cheese house-made at Urban Beans.

Donny Fawcett, chef of Central Kitchen

For kitchen tools, I would have to say the curing chamber for making my prosciutto, bresaola, and the list goes on. For my dining experience, I need to make it to Bayona in New Orleans again. Susan Spicer is far and away my favorite chef. You can taste the personality and love in food, and Chef Spicer’s dishes are no different. Locally, I need to make it to Second Story. Chef McGrath just took over, and all of the pictures I see are making me a little flushed.

Michael Press, chef of Tanzy

Anova immersion circulator for my home, Kamado smoker, and obscure salts.

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