3 Delicious Things to Make with Your Surplus Citrus
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3 Delicious Things to Make with Your Surplus Citrus

Did you remember to fertilize your citrus tree this past year? To water, trim, cover during frost, and otherwise nurture what's now a late-winter bounty? Good job.

Now, what to do with your crop?!

If you're all juiced out — and your friends, family, and neighbors are, too — but you're still facing bags and bags of soon-to-be-rotting fruit, we've got some creative suggestions for putting your citrus to good use. (Beyond donating it to a food bank, which is always a good idea.)

Lemon & Grapefruit Marmalade

This is an easy marmalade recipe that even the least jam-proficient among us can likely nail. 

Limoncello Crema

You may think you've had limoncello, but that swill from the liquor superstore doesn't count. Neither does your run-of-the-mill homemade stuff. Don't worry, we've got your new favorite recipe right here.

Rosemary-Tangelo Birthday Cake
Candied citrus is all the rage (and not as hard to pull off as it looks). Plus, who doesn't want an excuse to make a cake?

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