5 Dishes at Chain Restaurants to Skip for Something Healthier (and Just as Tasty) at Local Eateries in Greater Phoenix

Eating healthier can sometimes be as easy as switching out one kind of food for another.

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So, inspired by the popular "Eat This, Not That" of Men's Health magazine, who, this October, published a list of the 20 worst, high-calorie dishes at chain restaurants throughout America, we thought we'd offer up five healthier, just-as-tasty, and local alternatives. Enjoy.

1.) Skip: French Toast Napoleon at The Cheesecake Factory Eat: The Low Carb Breakfast at D'Lish

French Toast Napoleon at The Cheesecake Factory: Powdered sugar, pecans, and cream-soaked bread resulting in, according to "Eat This, Not That" of Men's Health magazine, a breakfast with as many calories as 3 dozen eggs. Whoa.

Low Carb Breakfast ($6) at D'Lish: Available at the healthy kitchen and drive-thru with locations in Tempe and Scottsdale, this dish features a hash patty, two eggs, pepper jack, tomato, avocado, and house made pesto served on a bed of organic spring mix greens with balsamic vinaigrette. It's a well-balanced and vegetarian-friendly solution to a.m. eats that won't put you back to sleep before noon.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld