5 Earth Day Dining Deals and Things to Know in Greater Phoenix

Round pizza for a round world.
Round pizza for a round world. Courtesy of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
Today, April 22, is Earth Day, and while today is more about education and awareness of (mounting) environmental issues, that can still be hungry work.

Phoenix area restaurants know this, and many an eatery is offering Earth Day 2019 dining deals or at least, a guilt-free glass of wine due to some sustainable practices. Here are a few to break up your day of keeping our planet in mind — which you’re hopefully doing every day.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Multiple Locations

The New York City-based Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is always ready to offer a dining deal, and Earth Day is apparently no exception. Each location — including all six across the Valley — will be offering a 16-inch traditional cheese pizza for $10. The special is for dine-in or to-go customers only, and additional toppings, or making that a pesto or white pizza, will cost you a little extra.

click to enlarge Find out how to Cobb for a Cause. - COURTESY OF TRUE FOOD KITCHEN
Find out how to Cobb for a Cause.
Courtesy of True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen

Multiple Locations

Ready to Cobb for a Cause? For the entirety of April, or Earth Month, True Food Kitchen is featuring the Good Earth Kale Cobb with avocado, watermelon radish, garbanzo beans, sweet corn, and roasted poblano ranch on the spring menu. The cobb will run you $14 — $1 of which will go to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Their mission is to support people living healthy lives in a healthier environment.

click to enlarge Juicing your part. - COURTESY OF JUBY TRUE
Juicing your part.
Courtesy of Juby True

Juby True

Multiple Locations

Also at True Food Kitchen, and also during the entirety of Earth Month, Juby True is donating 5 percent of total sales tp Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA). That means if you pick up a Lean Green Veggie Machine juice or a Roots Radical sip, you’re kind of doing your part. AZSA’s mission is to create and sustain cutting-edge, project-based sustainability solutions in and for Arizona, specifically.

LDV Winery Tasting Room

7134 East Stetson Drive, Suite B100, Scottsdale

While Earth Day isn’t necessarily a drinking holiday — like some of the other designated days on our calendar — you may still enjoy a glass of wine knowing you're sipping on sustainable practices. Well, not literally, but LDV Winery owners and winemakers Peggy Fiandaca and Curt Dunham do employ environmental methods. They carefully monitor water usage and nurture soil while avoiding enhancement and filters on their products. What does that mean? Fiandaca and Dunham more or less let nature take control.

click to enlarge Table Scraps covers food and packaging waste, for fun. - LAUREN CUSIMANO
Table Scraps covers food and packaging waste, for fun.
Lauren Cusimano

Table Scraps

Want to learn more about sustainability in the Phoenix food world? Check out the first three installments of our new column Table Scraps — an intermittent series on the growing problem of food and packaging waste, and what some Valley eateries, officials, farms, institutes, and everyday people are doing right.
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