6 Super Bowl Desserts for Your Game-Day Party

When I was younger I loved the Super Bowl parties that my grandfather threw every year. He would invite all his employees, family and friends to a potluck dinner and viewing party. The thing I waited for all year, were the "monkey balls" that my grandfathers shipping manager brought. I was in love with the dough masses of gooey cinnamon sweetness. They were one of the best desserts for a gathering where you nibble through the entire party.

Now that I am planning my own Super Bowl party, I'm searching to interesting ideas to fill out the sweets portion of my buffet table.

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Beer Cupcakes• My husband and his friends will flip for these beer-infused cupcakes. The perfect manly pastry item to consume while watching football.

Hamburger Cupcakes• My 5-year-old niece is obsessed with hamburgers, and these are her dream cupcakes. We will just have to make sure she eats a real hamburger before she jumps into the cupcake version.

Guinness Pudding• I am a Guinness-loving girl, and this pudding definitely is going to make its way onto my Super Bowl menu this year. I love the idea of individually portioned puddings or desserts for a buffet-style party where everyone is nibbling through the game. It allows everyone to help themselves and not wait around for the dessert to be served or cut.

Ice Cream Sandwiches • I am a huge ice cream lover. Again, individually portioned desserts work so well, and allows for you to experiment with different cookie and ice cream options. I'm trying double chocolate chip cookies with Sweet Republic Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Watermelon Football Helmet Fruit Salad • This is the perfect centerpiece for a football game buffet table and a fun way to plate a fruit salad for the big game. Bonus, when everyone gets drunk, see who will put it on and take funny pictures for their facebook profile.

Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes• Weird, and yet I can't wait to taste these. It can be that one oddball dish you put out to see who is brave enough to taste. I want to put these out just to see how man of our friends will take the challenge.

Rachel Miller is a pastry chef and food writer in Phoenix, where she bakes, eats, and single-handedly keeps her local cheese shop in business. You can get more information about her pastry at www.pistolwhippedpastry.com, or on her blog at www.croissantinthecity.com.

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