Leave the ramen to the professionals, please.
Leave the ramen to the professionals, please.

7 Metro Phoenix Chefs on Dining Trends That Need to Die in 2016

Love 'em or hate 'em, trends are part of the restaurant industry. Though some restaurants stick to the classics, many tweak their menus to appeal to what diners want right now. Over the past few years, we've seen cupcakes, Cronuts, and then doughnuts each take a turn in the limelight.

So as we prepare to bid adieu to 2015, we asked seven metro Phoenix chefs which food fads they'd like to see gone by the time the ball drops in Times Square.  

What dining trends need to die in 2016?

7 Metro Phoenix Chefs on Dining Trends That Need to Die in 2016 (9)EXPAND
Courtesy of Silvana Salcido Esparza

Silvana Esparza, Chef/Owner of Barrio Urbano 

Someone please kill the gourmet taco. I will pay you myself. 

Brady Cohen of the Salty SowEXPAND
Brady Cohen of the Salty Sow
Courtesy of the Salty Sow

Brady Cohen, Chef at the Salty Sow 

The trend of taking excessive pictures of your food needs to go away. The iPads and tablets and cellphones need to stay off the table and out of our hands for the short time we dine and eat together. We lose out on the actual experience and it never looks the same in a picture or has the same anticipation feel. I see people take pictures of their food all the time when I'm out and I wonder why they just don't enjoy it for what it is.

Brian Archibald of The BouldersEXPAND
Brian Archibald of The Boulders
The Boulders Resort & Spa

Brian Archibald, Executive Chef at Boulders Resort & Spa

Juice cleanses, paleo diet, and kale chips. 

Jacques Qualin of J&G SteakhouseEXPAND
Jacques Qualin of J&G Steakhouse
Courtesy of J&G Steakhouse

Jacques Qualin, Chef of J&G Steakhouse

Fast food. In this day and age, with all the great locally sourced foods available, and the wide variety of casual non-chain and affordable options, there’s just no reason to eat corporate chain food.

Chrysa Robertson of Rancho Pinot
Chrysa Robertson of Rancho Pinot
Photo by Evie Carpenter

Chrysa Robertson, Chef/Owner of Rancho Pinot

The shotgun approach. Places that think they need to be everything to everyone. A menu with sushi, tacos, foie gras, hamburgers, pizza, pasta, and salads all on one page. Jack of all trades, master of none. 

Cullen Campbell of Crudo and OkraEXPAND
Cullen Campbell of Crudo and Okra
Courtesy of Crudo/Okra

Cullen Campbell, Chef & Co-Owner of Crudo & Okra Cookhouse & Cocktails

Everyone doing ramen! Leave it the people who know how to do it, like Posh. Ramen shouldn’t be everywhere, especially when it’s on a menu between the French fries and the guacamole.

Rick Phillips of Bootleggers
Rick Phillips of Bootleggers
Photo by Sandy Tenuto

Rick Phillips, Owner of Bootleggers 

Talking about trends. Let’s all just enjoy a good meal at a fair price.

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