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Arizona Restaurant Week Update

By Michele Laudig

So have you checked out any of the local restaurants participating in Arizona Restaurant Week? The first annual event got started on Saturday, and everybody was talking about it over the weekend. But don't forget -- it continues through the rest of this week. Technically that's four more nights on the town!

That means you can get special three-course dinners for $29 per person at tons of places around town. A couple of my good friends raved about the dinner they had at Lon's at the Hermosa the other night, and I've also heard favorable feedback about other friends' visits to Digestif and Trader Vic's.

There was some talk on Chowhound about strategy -- which places had the best-looking deals that looked like they'd be worth the dough. Frankly, $29 for three courses is a good deal just about anywhere, but to be sure, it's fun to look at the menus (posted under each restaurant's name on the Restaurant Week website) for highlights.

I just heard from NOCA's Eliot Wexler, who initially didn't sign up for the event, since his restaurant just opened last month -- and since NOCA's already doing a $35 Simple Supper every Sunday. Apparently a lot of customers asked him about it over the weekend, and he says that through this Friday, if you mention it when you make a reservation, you can get a three-course Simple Supper for $29. An extra six dollars will get you a fourth course of chef Chris Curtiss' amazing homemade pasta.

Okay, twist my arm!

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Michele Laudig
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