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Arizona Stronghold: Keenan and Glomski Split, Keenan Establishes Buhl Memorial Vineyard

The partners behind Arizona's biggest and most popular winery, Arizona Stronghold, are no longer together.

Rock star/vintner Maynard James Keenan and Arizona Stronghold co-founder Eric Glomski have decided to go their separate ways. One partner will take the Arizona Stronghold name, while the other gets to keep the historic southern Arizona vineyard.

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Glomski and Keenan co-founded Arizona Stronghold in 2007 with the mission to put Arizona wines on the national map. Over the past seven years Arizona Stronghold wines have won recognition at numerous wine competitions including the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Awards and Taster's Guild International Wine Competition.

The amicable split agreement lets Glomski and family retain the Arizona Stronghold name, facility, and a vineyard in in Graham County. Keenan takes ownership of the Arizona Stronghold vineyard in southern Arizona. He's renaming the 70-acre vineyard the Buhl Memorial Vineyard after Albert K. Buhl, founder of Dos Cabezas WineWorks. Buhl died in November.

Keenan will use the fruit from the former Arizona Stronghold vineyard in his Merkin Vineyards wines, while grapes from vineyards in Northern Arizona will go into his Caduceus Cellars wines. He will use the Buhl Memorial Vineyard to start focusing on producing more micro-climate-driven wines.

Glomski also owns Page Springs Cellars in Cornville. The winery's 2010 Page Springs Cellars Colibri Syrah, Clone 174 was one of the first Arizona wines to receive a 90-point score from Wine Spectator.

Arizona Stronghold's lineup of wines includes Tazi (White blend), Dala (Cabernet Sauvignon), Dala (Chardonnay), Mangus (Tuscan blend) and Nachise (Rhone blend). For more information about the winery visit the Arizona Stronghold website.

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