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Avalon Chef Travis Watson to Teach Chocolate Class

Chocolate and wine. We can't think of two better things to spend an evening tasting.

Well, we're in luck. Chef Travis Watson, of Avalon in Scottsdale, is offering one night of just that: Chocolate and wine tasting, complete with petit fours, truffles and pairings, not to mention a how-to and history lesson from the man himself. Sounds decadent.

Watson may be busy these days crafting the coastal, contemporary menu at Avalon, but his most recent gig prior to Avalon was as the pastry chef for Fox Restaurant Concepts -- you know, the folks who own, among others, Sauce, Bloom, Olive & Ivy and North. So let's just say this Scottsdale Culinary Institute grad knows what he's talking about when he tells you how to make, mold and temper chocolate.

The class will consist of three courses, with 2 ounces of wine paired with each delectable treat. And Watson's covering all of his bases -- the first course will feature white chocolate, the second, milk chocolate, and the third, a dark chocolate plated dessert. Is your mouth watering yet?

The class will take place on Friday, August 21 at 8:30 p.m. at Avalon, which is adjacent to the 3 Palms Oasis Resort in south Scottsdale. It'll cost you $23 per person (not including tax and tip). But here's the kicker: Only 25 people will be able to take part, so call and make your reservations now, at 602-656-0010.

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Lauren Gilger
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