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Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Matzoh Balls: This Time It's Gone Too Far

You know what that is? It's a bacon wrapped jalapeno matzoh ball from the Scottsdale champagne bar Narcisse's new menu. 

The picture is impressive, sure, but really, bacon around a matzoh ball? Aside from the fact that Jews eat matzoh balls but are prohibted from Jewish law from eating bacon (what's next, wrap bacon around falafel and feed it to a Muslim?) the combination sounds, well, disgusting. 
And we are meant to enjoy this at a chic champagne lounge? Ick.  
The bacon-wrapped matzoh ball concoction is the latest in a long line of offensive bacon combinations that have been popping up since bacon became the "it" thing. We are totally and completely aware that bacon jumped the shark sometime last year with the onslaught of bacon related items such as bacon flavored lip gloss, bacon air fresheners, and of course, bacon scented hand soap, but it seems as though there are a few people that are still trying to cling to the bacon trend. 

Don't get us wrong -- we love bacon -- but come on people, let it rest. We need a ba-cation and we're pretty sure bacon does, too. 

Here are four more bacon offenses we have spotted recently

4. Bacon Wrapped Canadian Bacon -- Hell yes this looks tasty but seriously we should not be mixing our good  ol' American bacon with the likes of the Canadian version. It's like inter-species breeding or something. Whatever it is, it isn't right. 
Bring home the rest of the bacon after the jump.

3. The Bacon Smoothie -- What. The. Fuck. This is a big no-no. We understand that a lot of people out there are making bacon sundaes and maple bacon ice cream but was it "cooked soft" and then put through a blender with a handful of sweet corn and then garnished with bacon salt? Take a peek at the video for a closer look at the Bacon Smoothie -- if you dare. 

2. Bacon Jam - We've shown you this stuff before but we still haven't been able to shake it from our minds. Supposedly it's amazing -- we're still skeptical about spreading a pound of bacon on our morning toast. 

1. A Bacon Wrapped Vegan -- If you won't eat it, then don't wear it. Even if the "bacon" has been knitted out of wool yarn into a cute scarf. You know it's bad when even the vegans jump on the bacon wagon. And hey, is that wool "kosher" by vegan standards?! 

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