Bashas' "Stretch Your Dollar" Rotisserie #ChickenChallenge Offering $500 in Gift Cards

Supermarket rotisserie chicken is nothing if not versatile and easy.
Supermarket rotisserie chicken is nothing if not versatile and easy. Courtesy of Bashas
Do you have a delicious rotisserie chicken recipe that you’re dying to share with the world? If so, you might want to stop by your local Bashas’ grocery store within the next week or so and pick up one of those versatile birds.

From now until January 22, Bashas’ grocery store is hosting the “Stretch Your Dollar” Rotisserie #ChickenChallenge, inviting creative Arizonans to submit three original rotisserie chicken-based recipes for a chance at cash and other prizes.

The rules are simple: Submit three different original recipes to before January 22, and you could win $500 in Bashas’ gift cards, as well as a free rotisserie chicken each month for a year. Moreover, the lucky winner will be featured on the Bashas' social media accounts.

The winner — who will be chosen from a panel that includes Johnny Basha, Deli Department Director Mona Gonzalez, and the Bashas’ public relations team — will be announced Friday, January 27, on the Bashas' Facebook page. The panel will be looking for recipes that are both creative and easy to duplicate.

Visit the contest webpage for more information.

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