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Bertha's Cafe is Moving . . .

After four years in her pint-sized bakery and lunch spot on 40th Street, just north of Thomas, Bertha's Cafe owner Beth Goldwater was not able to renew her lease. April 24 was her last day in business.

"It was a blessing in disguise," she tells me. She's since found a new space, at 32nd Street and Indian School, which is 500 square feet bigger than the old Bertha's location. (If you'd ever been there, you'll immediately understand why this is a big deal -- Bertha's was one of the tiniest places around.) The new spot also has room for patio seating.

Goldwater says the neighborhood was always so supportive of Bertha's Cafe, and she regrets that she wasn't able to make a seamless transition from one building to another. She's shooting to reopen in mid-July.

For locals who can't stand the thought of waiting a minute too long for a homemade cinnamon bun, Goldwater says they can sign up at the Bertha's Cafe website to get email updates on the opening.    

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Michele Laudig
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