Big Brain Awards 2011: Cash for Culinary Creatives

Are you on the cutting edge of the local culinary scene? Running a  food truck? Making a culinary documentary?​ Working on a fledgling urban farm? 

Come out to play, brainiacs.

If you're a Valley resident with talent in the culinary arts, New Times wants you. We're seeking nominees for our second annual Big Brain Awards -- "ground-floor movers and shakers who are cooking, painting, filming, designing, dancing, singing, and writing their hearts out" -- and we've got a sweet pile of cash (a thousand bucks, to be exact) stacked up for the winner of each category.

Last year's winner for culinary arts was Phoenix Slow Food advocate Natalie Morris, who went to Italy for a yearlong master's program in food culture and communication at the University of Gastronomic Sciences. Cool, right? We thought so, too.

Just to make it clear, this is no James Beard Award. We're looking for someone who's just dipped a toe in the food world, rather than an accomplished Olympic diver. Not sure you have enough experience to qualify? We bet you probably do.

Are you the next culinary arts Big Brain? Or do you know someone who should be on our radar? We're taking online nominations now -- and yes, you can nominate yourself. Finalists will be profiled online and in the paper on April 7, and winners will be announced at our huge Artopia shindig on April 9.

The deadline is March 14 at noon. Get cookin'!

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