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Brew Review: Rogue's Mocha Porter

There is no shortage of rogues at Phoenix New Times. No, I don't mean scoundrels (mostly), I mean fans of Rogue Brewing; that Portland-produced product that has regularly scored high marks in the Brew Review. 

My group of journalistic comrades and I have tried the Juniper Ale and Dead Guy Ale in the past to rave reviews, so I knew that the gang would be up for downing another bottle of Rogue.

This week I chose Rogue's Mocha Porter. The Rogue Web site dedicates this brew "to the chocolate lover in each of us." But just how much chocolate is in this rogue beer?

Tastes: Like coffee. Delicious coffee, but coffee. Like most porters and stouts, Mocha Porter relies on darker malts for it's caramel color and rich taste. Presumably the "mocha" part of the equation comes from the Beeston Chocolate malts. Unfortunately it's just not a very pronounced flavor.

Goes with: beef and desserts or so Rogue Brewing suggests. Perhaps drinking a bottle of this while polishing off a decadent, chocolate dessert would bring out the subtle chocolate flavor of the beer. Hell, I'll give it a shot. What could be better than a pile of fresh-from-the-oven triple chocolate chip cookies and a delicious bottle of beer?

Perhaps I have a problem.

Trivia: Mocha Porter was originally known as New Porter as a nod to Newport, Oregon, the home of Rogue Ales.

Verdict: If you're looking for a chocolate taste (subtle or otherwise) you may be disappointed with the Mocha Porter. All of my beer-drinking comrades agree that this beer has notes of coffee and espresso, but not chocolate. That being said, it's a great beer. If you must, purchase a bag of M&M's to get your chocolate fix and drink this once you've emerged from your sugar coma.

Happy drinking!

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Jonathan McNamara