Burrata alert: Caprese at Fine's Cellar

By Michele Laudig

burrata , that super creamy cheese that's been cropping up all across town: Fine's Cellar.

It's featured in a "burrata and tuna carpaccio caprese salad," part of the "apertivo menu" (a.k.a. bar menu). The menu's only available from 4 to 7 p.m., but it looks like it'll be worth your time to hit it up. Along with appetizers for $10 or less, there's a list of 16 different wines by the glass for five bucks.

Other apertivo options include housemade duck confit bratwurst, bruschetta, Pen Cove mussels, and sweet potato fries. (Fine's sweet potato fries are the best in town, by the way -- insanely tasty!)

They're also offering wines by the bottle at retail prices on Wednesday and Friday nights, as well as other food and drink discounts throughout the week.


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