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"Butter for Paula" Support Group Launches Butter Wrapper Protest

Dedicated Paula Deen supporters are popping up by the thousands to show support for their butter queen. Some 600,000 fans of the Facebook page "We Support Paula Deen," led by a man named John Schmitt, launched a campaign to send empty butter wrappers to companies that dropped the Food Network star after her infamous racially charged statements. They say the wrappers are meant to be a physical sign of protest -- or physical evidence that Paula Deen supporters buy a hell of a lot of butter.

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The group's website, "Butter for Paula," reads, "A company without Paula is like a wrapper without butter . . ." and encourages supporters to send the following message to a list of companies including Food Network, Walmart, QVC, and Target:

Dear Butter Wrapper Recipient,

Each butter wrapper that you receive represents the voice of millions of loyal Paula Deen fans across America. A company without Paula, is like a butter wrapper without butter. We're ashamed and outraged at the media's careless and negligent handling and reporting which has caused pain and devastation in so many innocent lives. We insist that Scripps Network (Food Network, Great American Country, Cooking Channel) bring Paula back into our living rooms, and that each and every retailer, including QVC, restock Paula Deen product lines. Many supporters have suspended purchasing products from these corporations and have discontinued viewing Food Network shows, and many more will follow.

The group's founder told CNN that he initially considered sending actual sticks of butter, but decided against that plan since that would have wasted too much butter and been too messy. He also said that many of Deen fans, like himself, appreciate Deen "as a person" and feel that she has been "unjustly vilified by a carefully calculated media smear campaign." (Damn media!)

"In a lot of ways, she reminds me of my mom -- this funny, gracious lady from a different era," Schmitt said to CNN of Deen. "My mom probably used that word and she wasn't a racist."

It won't be easy for the group to undo the damage, though. Since the deposition transcript came out earlier this month, Deen has lost well over half of her endorsements and has been dropped by nearly every major corporation.

But if you want to get in on the butter action, know that they're also trying to make #WeWantButter a thing. Good luck with that.

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