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Cafe: Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. We can't help but wonder if that concept was floating anywhere inside the brain of a bear who now makes his permanent residence (despite being thouroughly deceased) at the Murphy's Law Irish Pub in Chandler. Was he perhaps attempting to capture a salmon breakfast when he had a fateful encounter with the wrong end of projectile firing device? Could be. And as if being dead was not wrong enough, he's currently wearing a police hat and "holding" a billy club.

Still, the promise of shepherd's pie allows us to look transgressions against nature such as these. So we'll be taking Food Critic Michele Laudig's advice and checking out Murphy's Law.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Murphy's Law:

The vibe at Murphy's Law is bustling but down to earth, with traditional such Irish pub touches as illuminated round beer signs, vintage-inspired hanging lamps, and an old-fashioned copper ceiling above the bar. Seating is plentiful, from the long row of bar seats to clusters of high-top tables to wooden church pews lined up end to end down the long, airy space. The crowd here is a mix of ages, huddled at packed tables or hanging out alone with a pint and a laptop (free Wi-Fi is a perk). The waitresses, clad in black kilts and knee socks, are predictably perky and eager to bring another round.

In the way of food, there's a lot to consider -- classic Irish fare, several kinds of burgers, boxtys, sandwiches, and a slew of beer-friendly appetizers. Good thing the kitchen does fried food well, because a lot of the items are batter-dipped...full story

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Jonathan McNamara