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Cafe: Sekong By Night

Lord knows Phoenix has various varieties of Mexican comida in spades. Need an Asian cuisine fix? We've got that too. Sushi? Check. BBQ? You know it. Pizza? Some would say we have the best in the country. Yet there's one thing we really haven't had until now: Cambodian food.

Sekong By Night, a new Cambodian eatery Downtown, has that problem solved.

Kathleen Vanesian on Sekong By Night:

According to its menu, Sekong (apparently named after a tributary of the Mekong River on Cambodia's border with Laos) is devoted to delivering healthful food easily found in the open-air markets and on the carts of street vendors all over Cambodia. That includes soups, a variety of rice and noodle dishes, barbecued meats and seafood, fresh vegetable salads, grilled corn, and the supreme French contribution to Khmer culture, the baguette sandwich.

So maybe you won't find baskets of fried grasshoppers, or skewers of barbecued snake and grilled eggs (yes, eggs on skewers, the innards of which have been blown out, spiced up and funneled back into their shells, then speared and grilled), or those gigantic fresh water pill-bug-like creatures that are considered real Khmer delicacies, here at Sekong. What you will find is generous portions of tasty Khmer classics served on elegant green dishes mimicking bamboo leaves for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, Sekong, as yet, has no beer and wine license, so for those jonesing for an Angkor or Tiger beer to accompany their meal, you're out of luck for now. But if the city of Phoenix ever approves the restaurant's use of an already existing outdoor barbecue grill, I've been told there will be even more grilled dishes added to the menu...full story

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Jonathan McNamara