Cakes Baked in Eggshells

Last week, we scrambled eggs inside eggshells, but this week we take it up a notch. Yolks and whites, scrambled or not, are simply not as exciting as chocolate cake. Imagine hunting for these instead? I can't really think of anything better -- other than solid gold, that is.

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It turns out that eggshells are the perfect receptacle for cake. Just large enough for a couple of bites, it keeps the cake super-moist for several days. You can even decorate the shells afterward with Sharpies for an extra special treat.

I'm not sure who to credit for this genius idea, but it's not hard to replicate. All that's needed are eggshells and cake batter. I used a sharp knife to gently start a hole in the top of the eggs. Peel away the bits until the hole is about three-quarters of an inch wide.

Use the raw insides for the cake batter, or save them up over the course of the week for a yummy weekend frittata. Use a pastry bag to pipe the batter into the eggshell (or snip the corner off a Ziploc bag). Fill about halfway only.

A mini-muffin pan is perfect for holding the eggs in the oven.

Bake for about 10 minutes, checking on them often. They're very close to being ready after they rise to the top.


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