Battle of the Dishes

Chilaquiles Clash: La Tolteca vs. Comedor Guadalajara

Chilaquiles -- a starchy, spicy, comforting dish of quartered and fried corn tortillas, ladled with or simmered in chile sauce -- are one of Mexico's favorite hangover cures. They're also the go-to for thrifty Mexican mamas who want to whip up a quick breakfast and get rid of going-stale tortillas in one delicious swoop.

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This once hard-to-find Mexican standby has been co-opted in recent years by American restaurants (Over Easy, Heart and Soul Cafe, FnB and Chelsea's Kitchen come to mind), but for this particular battle, we're going old school, pitting 50-year-old La Tolteca against 45-year-old Comedor Guadalajara. Let's see whose chilaquiles are more chill . . .

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Nikki Buchanan